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From Atheist Cop

to  a

Christian Cop!

Police Officer Bob Faubel, Ret.

This Bob's testimony of how he grew up in an environment of no Godly influence and parents who were alcoholics until one day a Christian cop told him about Jesus Christ

In a world filled with so much chaos and confusion it’s refreshing to hear the victorious journey of my brother and friend Officer Bob Faubel. In his book Put Your Hands Up Bob captures and releases that joy that comes from knowing the giver of life in a simple easy to read testimony that many will identify with.

Walter J Santos,  Chaplain,

United States Secret Service

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Pastor Andrew Columbia,

Former NYPD Officer

Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplain, and Speaker.  

Author of “Transformed”.

I could really relate to Bob and his story of finding God as a police officer. His honesty and transparency is very compelling ,  I believe people can relate and connect to his story. Especially Police officer‘s who have a lot of issues I need to hear it’s OK to find God! I suggest this book for all active and retired law-enforcement. Also for anyone who wants to hear a good story of a life turned around because of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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